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Ministries & Committee's of St Anthony's Parish


Ministry & Committee Descriptions


The role of the Parish Finance Committee is to help the pastor in overseeing the finances of the parish. The committee is a consultative body of parishioners with
financial expertise. Their function is the administration of all property of the parish, to prepare and present an annual budget to the parish and to examine the operating cost of the parish.

Finance Committee  

The Finance Committee was formed as an advisory committee to advise the parish priest in regards to all parish financial affairs.  Their expertise is called on to help Father as he makes financial decisions for the parish.

Maintenance Committee

The Maintenance Committee was formed as an advisory committee to plan and set direction of future repairs and maintenance needed to the building and the property. Their expertise is called upon to obtain quotes and contract those companies required for any building or renovation projects.

Parish Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body that the Pastor can prayerfully reflect with. It provides leadership, direction and encouragement for the apostolic and spiritual development of all parishioners. The Parish Pastoral Council members represent and act as liaison between the groups and the Parish Council. Contact for this ministry is Christine Aalbers at .


Catholic Women’s League

The Catholic Women's league is a faith centered organization for all women 16 years of age or older, which focuses on spiritual development, increasing our knowledge of the Catholic faith, and social issues which are translated into action. We invite all women of the Parish to add their voices to this National Catholic group, regardless of the time they can commit.

Knights of Columbus
The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men’s fraternal benefit society that was formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Mutual aid and assistance are offered to sick, disabled, and needy members and their families. Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief, and public relief works.

Couples for Christ

Couples for Christ (CFC) is a Catholic movement intended for the renewal and strengthening of Christian family life.

CFC couples have committed themselves to the Lord and to one another so that they may grow in maturity as men and women of God and fulfill their primary vocation of raising families grounded in Christian values, in the service and love of God. 

Bible Study/Small Christian Community Groups

Men of the Narrow Gate 
Men of the Narrow Gate is a men’s group that meets monthly for discussion, fellowship and prayer on the Catholic Faith. For More information please contact Brent Gebhardt at


Looking for an opportunity to grow in your faith?? Then ALPHA is for You! The evening includes a free meal, a professional ALPHA video teaching, followed by an open discussion. Alpha is for anyone who is curious. The talks are designed to encourage conversation and explore basics of the Christian faith in a friendly, open & informal environment. We are planning for another Alpha session to begin in January. Contact Tom Cavanagh.  780-875-3561

Children's Education

Sunday School

We welcome grades 1-7 children attending public schools and all interested families to participate in catechism lessons between 9:00 and 11:00 Sunday
Mass. Lessons are about 50 min. and take place September to the first Sunday of May. Our program, Christ Our Life, provides solid faith background. There are
student workbooks and excellent teaching manuals for our volunteers. We are very grateful to and rely on parental volunteers and volunteers from our parish
family who make this program possible.

Children’s Liturgy
Children’s Liturgy is a volunteer program, which prepares the Sunday’s reading for Pre-Sacramental children (ages 3 to Grade 2) with crafts, prayers and stories. Once Father kisses the altar, the children are to come forward put their coins in the basket at the front of the altar to support our foster child. The priest then blesses the children, and they go forth to learn about Jesus and return to the congregation during collection. Registration forms are on the bulletin board by the coat racks. This children’s program runs yearly from fall – spring.


Your Parish Library offers a developing collection of faith-based book and video resources a) for children, youth, and adults b) for a variety of spiritual interests, educational needs, and personal tastes, and c) for assorted parish programs. We serve so all might grow. Volunteers choose their own level of service with options including 1) casual once-a-month help with sign-outs and returns before/after mass, or 2) free-time cataloguing and organizing, or 3) active committee participation in assessing parish needs and developing library request lists, or 4) any combination of the above options.

Hospitality & Community Life

Coffee Hospitality

These families make juice and coffee for parishioners to enjoy after Mass encouraging social interaction. To volunteer contact or Call the Parish Office.

Greeting Hospitality

Greeting is the service of families who welcome parishioners at the door with a smile and a handshake. To volunteer contact or Call the Parish Office.

Prayer Chain

A group of about 40 people who are committed to pray, at anytime, for specific prayer requests as they are received by phone. They receive prayers and  then pass the prayer
request, ensuring it is done in a brief and confidential manner, to the next member on the phone list.

Liturgy & Pastoral Services

Liturgy Committee
This committee is made up of representatives from committees within the parish to assist the pastor in making our liturgies more meaningful for the people of our parish. Determining the areas of need for the liturgical seasons are one of the main concerns dealt with by the committee.
Adult Servers
An Adult Server helps to perform an Acolyte's ministry when an Acolyte is not available (the office of Acolyte is the highest of the minor orders and is conferred in the final
preparation for ordination to the diaconate) The adult server sets up and prepares for Mass. They prepare the hosts, wine, water and sacred vessels used during the celebration.  They process in with the altar servers and lectors. They set up the altar for the Liturgy of Eucharist in the absence of a Deacon and distribute Holy Communion when required. After Mass, they clean all the vessels once they have been purified by the ordained clergy (Deacon or Priest). Adult servers must be appointed by the Pastor and attend a training workshop.

Communion Ministers
Communion Ministers distribute the Blood of Christ. (Ordained clergy s.a. Priests and Deacons are "Ordinary Ministers" of the Eucharist
and of the Cup, other Communion Ministers are known as "Extra-ordinary Ministers" of the Eucharist and the Cup serve whenever there are not enough Ordinary ministers available  ie. When a Deacon is available, he will be one of the ministers of the cup
, one less extra-ordinary minister is required when there is a visiting Priest etc.).  It is important that Communion Ministers handle the Blessed Sacrament with an intense awareness of the Real Presence of our Lord, and that their manner and attire reflect a reverence for the ministry they are performing. Ministers of Holy Communion are appointed by the Pastor.   

Altar Servers

An altar server must be in grade 3 and over and must have received first communion and reconciliation. The duty of an altar server is to help assist the priest up on the altar when celebrating Mass. The purpose of this ministry is to help the servers to fully appreciate the mystery of the mass and to help deepen their love for their church. Regular social activities and out reach projects are held throughout the year for the altar servers to have fun and to help build fellowship with each other.

Lectors proclaim the Word of God or read the announcements or prayers of intercession at Mass every 4th or 5th Sunday. Lectors need to be prepared to proclaim by pre-reading and praying the readings of the week.

Arts and Environment Committee

The Arts and Environment Committee takes care of the beauty of the church. They follow the Liturgical Calendar and decorate the church and worship area accordingly for Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent, Easter and the Special Feast Days. Volunteers are always needed! The contact for this ministry is Myrna at

Music Ministry
Music ministry is a dynamic ever-changing ministry. The goal of church choirs is to lead the community in song. The St. Anthony’s parish hymnals represent effort made by musicians within the parish to include, within our worship, some of the most cherished and contemporary liturgical songs. We sing/play at regular Sunday Masses throughout the year as well as special prayer services (i.e.: Stations of the Cross, Good Friday Service, Confirmation Masses, and of course the Easter and Christmas Seasonal Services). We are always looking for new voices in any of our present choirs. We would like to invite anyone who can accompany singers to start another choir to help us cover all of the regular
Masses throughout the year (keyboard player/guitarist, etc.) Remember, St. Augustine said “those who sing, pray twice” so let’s hear you sing at Mass. For more information contact Melanie at or Call the Parish Office.

Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen is run in conjunction with St. John’s Anglican Church. It is every Tuesday and Thursday for the months of October until June. Our parish's
commitment is Thursday’s from 9:30 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. We are basically there to provide a hot meal for low-income families and those people who live out on the

5loaves2fish - Food Initiative 
A group of parishioners committed to finding ways to meet the needs of the poorest of the poor in our parish. Helping with food to feed the hungry is our
prime focus; yet, the group strives to find ways to meet other needs of those less fortunate when they arise. All are welcome to volunteer in this most basic of
service to others in our midst.

The Olive Tree
A group of parishioners who volunteer at the local non-profit soup kitchen called The Olive Tree on Wednesdays nights. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering with this ministry please email .

Pastoral Care

Ministry/Communion to the sick

This is a group of volunteers who donate their time to bring communion to those who are unable to take their rightful and accustomed place with the community at
the Lord’s table due to sickness, advanced age, or terminal illness. This is a ministry of love to the sick with prayer, personal visits, and words of comfort and
encouragement. Ministers to the sick must be appointed by the Pastor.

Courtesy Drivers
Rides are available to and from mass on the weekends. Please see the list of drivers in the bulletin. This ministry is currently in need of volunteers.

Sacramental Preparation


Baptism Preparation consists of an explanation of the sacrament of baptism and how it is the beginning of the faith journey. The symbols used in the baptism
ceremony are explained as well as the roles and duties of the parents and godparents regarding bringing up your child as a Christian. The baptism ceremony is also reviewed in detail. The preparation courses are held 5 times a year, each consisting of 3 separate evenings of instruction. If you are interested in this ministry, various opportunities are available from joining our planning committee, helping with hospitality or instruction during one of the evenings, to helping with the actual Baptism during a weekend mass. For more information contact Audrey at or Call the Parish Office.

First Reconciliation and First Communion

These sacraments are celebrated in the month of May. Parents/guardians have the option of preparing their child at home or having their child attend lessons at
the church. Please consider helping to teach the children that come to the church, about our Catholic faith. Your commitment can be as little as one or two evenings for an hour, or more if you have time. For more information contact Audrey at or Call the Parish Office.


Confirmation is the Sacrament through which the Holy Spirit comes to us in a special way and enables us to profess our faith as strong Christians. To prepare
our young people for this Sacrament, candidates and their parent(s) are required to attend 11 classes. We are always looking for help in facilitating these classes. For more information contact Audrey at or Call the Parish Office.

Marriage Preparation

The Marriage Preparation Team prepares a Marriage Preparation Course for engaged couples planning to be married in the Catholic Church. These weekend
courses are held 3 times per year at St. Anthony’s. Volunteers organize and set up for the weekends, serve snacks and lunch, as well as present various topics over the weekend. Marriage is of utmost importance for the future of Christ’s church and for that of society. If you are interested in helping prepare couples for a lifelong, Sacramental Marriage, please let us know. For more information contact Audrey at or Call the Parish Office.

Christian Initiation of Children

Christian Initiation of Children is for children of catechetical age (seven to thirteen years old) who have not been baptized or have been baptized in another
denomination and would like to join the Catholic Church. The children are prepared to celebrate the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation). For more information contact Audrey at or Call the Parish Office.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.) and the Catechism of the Catholic Church study group are now the same program. In order to join the Catholic Church, one must know what the Church teaches. This program begins in early October and finishes before the Easter Vigil. This year we have Catechism presentations Monday night at 6:30 at the Church. Feel free to come and study the Catechism with the R.C.I.A. candidates. The Contact for this ministry is Tom Cavanagh at or 780-875-3561.

Social Activities

Fall Supper

An annual fundraiser and community event at St. Anthony’s Parish. This is an evening of food and fellowship. Funds go to pay for our Hall Addition.

Fair Booth
Annual fundraiser for the parish that is conducted at the exhibition grounds during Lloydminster’s fair week, which is usually the first part of July. Proceeds are used for various projects. The contact for this ministry is Jason Almond .

Youth & Young Adults

World Youth Day
World Youth Day is a celebration of the Catholic faith for the youth of the world. The WYD celebration takes place every three years in a host country. St
Anthony’s parish has organized four pilgrimages to WYD (Toronto 2002, Germany 2005, Australia 2008 & Poland 2016).   call the Parish Office for more information

Summer Camp (Day Camp) 

St. Anthony's Community Camp is a faith based, fun-filled camp for the young people of our parish and surrounding communities.   We are also proud to be developing leadership skills by encouraging the teenagers of our parish and community to become counsellors!  We could not operate without the help of our many volunteers!  Many thanks also to our Knights of Columbus for their support!  The contact for this ministry is Laura Anhorn

Vacation Bible School

St. Anthony’s Vacation Bible School for children ages 4 to 11and is held during the summer months. This is an opportunity for our children to learn more about God and enjoy being part of our parish family. The program consists of bible stories, singing, crafts and games. If you have summer visitors, perhaps grandchildren, they are welcome to attend. For more information contact us at or call the Parish Office.

Boys of the Narrow Gate
Conquest is a group for boys between the ages 7&12. They focus on developing virtue and active participation in a fun faith-filled environment. Through games, sports and faith activities , father & sons have the opportunity to have fun and build friendships. Held at St Josephs School. For more information please contact Brent Gebhardt at

Junior & Senior Youth Groups
Youth for Christ 

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