Mission Statement

We are a  family of  Roman  Catholic  Christian  
who  are united  in our desire  to
       compassionately serve all those who are in  
need,  and  to  share  wholeheartedly   our 
        faith, our gifts, and our talents.

We gather to  be  strengthened  and  nourished
 by   t h e  Eucharist  at  G o d’ s  altar  and 
         rejoice  at  receiving  H i s  grace  through   
the celebration of all the sacraments.

In the footsteps of our patron,  Saint  Anthony 
           of Padua, 
we faithfully strive to  build an 
 ever-stronger parish  family and to  give 
living  witness  to the  life of Jesus Christ.

     Stained glass section