Parish Lenten Mission 2015

March 9, 10 & 11, 2015
@7:00pm Each Evening
Facilitated By: Patty Schneier

Take a look at this Preview Video for our Parish Lenten Mission 2015!
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Talks Begin at 7:00pm Each Evening.
Child Care for ages 5-11 will be available each night.
Snacks & Refreshments will be served after each talk.

Monday March 9, 2015 -  Prove it God!..And He Did
The Personal Testimony of Patty Schneier in which she describes her journey of discovery, repentance, and renewal. This presentation is enlivened by the strong sense of God's presence, the power of His Word, and the amazing way He worked to bring a "Cafeteria Catholic" to conversion. Through song, scripture, and writings from her journal, Patty shares the story of her challenge to God- and His daily response. The results were life-changing! Patty now shares this testimony at Catholic conferences and parishes across the United States.

" If you listen to Patty Schneier's story, you may be challenged to wrestle with God... are you prepared?" - Most Reverend Paul Zipfel, Bishop Emeritus of Bismark, North Dakota.

Tuesday March 10, 2015 -  God, I Really Don't Have Time for This!
Life is hectic! It's difficult to find time for quiet, reflective, meditative prayer... but we need it desperately. Without prayer, we will die spiritually. In this energetic, "down-to-earth" talk, Patty shares ways to incorporate prayer into your every day life - in the midst of car pools, errands, housework, jobs and chaotic schedules. Discover how you can transform your prayer life- no matter how young, no matter how old, no matter how busy you are! No more excuses: Find the prayer life your soul has been searching for!

"Enthusiastic, energetic and effervescent. Patty has a fervor for the faith that is contagious and will leave her audiences with a faith-filled boost" - Ray Guarendi, Psychologist & Radio Host

Wednesday March 101 2015 -  Unlock the Treasure
Often, we take our faith for granted - especially those of us who are life-long Catholics. Year in and year out, we go through the same routine, and become quite comfortable in our spiritual life. But there is so much more... Our Catholic faith is inexhaustible in its depth, richness, knowledge and beauty. Are you growing? Are you tapping into the wealth of treasure that awaits you on your journey? Or are you content to settle for one small golden "coin", when God wants to give you billions? Unlock the treasure and experience the boundless mercy, unlimited grace and overwhelming joy of being Catholic!