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Thank you for Considering Donating to our Parish and its Special Initiatives!

There are a Variety of Methods in which you can Donate:

1. Fill in a Parish Pledge Card  (with options to pay by Cheque, Visa or Master Card) and bring it to the Parish office - or - drop it in the collection basket at Mass.
2. Fill in a pre-authorized debit (PAD) agreement form ( with the option to pay by electronic fund transfer) and bring it to the Parish office - or - drop it in the collection basket at Mass.

3. Donate on-line through a secure site by clicking the "Donate Now" Button Below. Please Note: This service charges 3.9% on each donation. Cheques & Cash given directly to the parish are always preferable, but we also understand this is not always possible. Thank you for your care and donations to our parish.

**Please note these will take you to a Third-Party Site called, which we use as a fast, safe and secure way to donate on-line. Follow the step-by-step instructions. You will receive a receipt and the funds will be disbursed to St. Anthony's Parish Hall fund.  Your email address will be required for the receipt.

How to Donate to A Specific Initiative, Committee or Event via Online Donation

When using the on-line donation service, use the "funds designation" drop down box to find donation options:
1.  The Parish Hall Building Fund,  2.  Regular Sunday Donations  or 3.  Refugee Family
4. Special Occasion/ Other Donations (Please specify the occasion in the comment box along with your envelope number)
Using this ONLINE DONATION SYSTEM you can chose to donate to the general fund or to some of these specific initiatives: